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Accessibility Accommodations in Tabletop Gaming

The purpose of this online community is to provide resources to gamers, in order to create more accessible environments and provide for accessibility conditions when Tabletop Gaming.

As it stands, the documentation provided as guidance is in need of revision. Please modify or inform me, if any terminology, recommendations, or considerations are offensive, inaccurate, or unhelpful, and I will personally make an effort to correct the dialogue immediately. Additionally, in many instances, you will find references to players as "children". This is because the guide was initially being designed for an RPG intended for children. As the page is continually revised, proper delineations between ages of players will be created.

Physical Accommodations
Communicative/Receptive Accommodations
Behavioral Accommodations
Cognitive Accommodations
Emotional Accommodations

If you have advice, or would like to make changes, but are unfamiliar with wiki pages, please feel free to reach out to me on twitter at @bebarce

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