A condition may occur that causes alarm to other players and require a response from you.  Things like Seizures, Vomiting, Loss of Consciousness.  If these occurrences are possible or likely to happen, it is critical to communicate not only the likelihood of it’s occurrence, but the response expected from the player or caregiver/guardian.  This is why it’s important to front load information in the pre-planning session. 

If it’s acceptable to the player or caregiver, communicate the possibility of such an occurrence to the other stakeholders.  Often if symptoms are severe, or occur with regularity, the player may be accompanied by an aide or guardian.  In preplanning ensure that you are accommodating for this individual at the table, and if they can be included in the game play, all the better. 

Most importantly if the player is a minor, immediately contact the child’s guardians/caregivers if an episode occurs, so that they are aware of the situation and can respond accordingly.

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