Conditions that cause high energy or jumpiness

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High levels of energy become a condition that requires supportive accommodations when the energy expressed in a child is overly distracting and thus detracting from their desired play experience. Please note, that this means that a high level of energy in thus the outcome of movement, response, and involvement (or lack of involvement) is still in control of the player, and the primary concern occurs when the player themselves wish to find accommodations to assist in their gameplay. This can also play out with group members as well. The decision on how involved a player is during the session may depend on other player preferences as well, and as such, careful mediation between what is fair for all players should be considered.

That said there are several accommodations that help children that display high energy, better engage in group play experiences. One such suggestion is the implementation of hand strengthening or hand involved exercises, such as working with clay, working stress balls, or even other non-distracting activities such as drawing or coloring. All of these activities can also be redirected to flow back into the game. Draw characters or scenes, create sculptures that help energize powers, increase impact attacks by performing exercises.

Additionally supplementing more art, or tactile objects into your sessions, by creating objects or providing visuals can help center the child within the adventure. Plan your turns ahead as much as possible to reduce your turn, and increase the availability of turns on the player's side. This allows increased play time on their end. Taking breaks often should also help reduce tension.

Environmentally reduce outside distractions, possibly dimming lights or removing clutter in advance. Depending on seating arrangements, provide the child more room to either side in case movement becomes a distraction to other players, or in case the child needs to get up from their seat. It may even help to play mild music in the background

Assign tasks to the player that they can be responsible for, such as tracking YP, or taking notes of conversations.