Conditions that cause bleeding

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Conditions that cause bleeding may come in a variety of degrees from minor to severe, but in all cases, if bleeding occurs, it must be treated as soon as possible and parents/guardians should be informed.

Most typically in the somewhat non-active environment of the gaming table, you will find that nosebleeds can be the most dominant form of bleeding concern, and if the child suffers from a bleeding disorder, problems with clotting may mean that the bleeding goes on for longer.

In certain circumstances, kids may have internal bleeding that occurs, especially at joints. Recognizing this may come from seeing the joint swelling, and warm, or the child may express their discomfort and not use the joint.

If in the presession discussion you are informed about a child with a bleeding disorder, than investigate and refresh yourself on recommended guidelines for supporting that condition. It will also help to print out and have ready materials that support PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.) This may include having ice packs, bandages, and gloves (important) on hand. It may also be advisable to seek out a private location for the child to move to safely, as the site of blood may be upsetting and create anxiety for other children and the afflicted child.

The condition may also impact a child’s anxiety when it comes to gameplay. In communicating with the child determine if the inclusion of blood in the game is upsetting, and avoid it where applicable.