Mobility accommodations to and from the gaming table are most often attributed to the use of wheelchairs and other methods of assisted travel.  So in making attempts to accommodate individuals that either use wheelchairs, or that have difficulty traversing over stairs and the like, you may need to investigate the potentials for a specific environment to game in, that more readily meets their needs.

Most often, the player may have a preconceived location in mind that they are comfortable with.  Consider relocating to that comfortable area, or confirm that the location you are playing in is accessible.

If there is no official means to confirm this, then you may have take it upon yourself to determine if the room you are playing in is accessible from the exterior. Are stairs necessary, and if so, is there an available ramp?  Does the entrance door have a restrictive footer?

While many door widths have a measurements of about 23-27 inches, wheelchairs require a 32 inch wide door to allow the person to comfortably fit through.

Additionally within the room, you must determine that a feasible path is available through the location to the seated area.  I’ve seen this a lot in game stores, where access to the gaming tables, requires passage through very narrow pathways created by shelving.  Ensure that a path is clear of tripping/snagging objects, and that there is enough space to either side of the individual so that they can pass through with ease.  Additionally make sure that access to other facilities such as the restrooms also have those considerations in mind.

Ensure that seating arrangements provide additional space to accommodate the individual at the table as well.  This may include something as simple as providing adequate space between chairs, or possibly changing out furniture such as benches.

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