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  1. Autism Needs
  2. Behavioral Accommodations
  3. Cognitive Accommodations
  4. Communicative/Receptive Accommodations
  5. Conditions affecting the ability to say specific words
  6. Conditions affecting the speed of speech
  7. Conditions caused by complete deafness
  8. Conditions causing complete muteness
  9. Conditions controlling the volume of one's voice
  10. Conditions controlling tone, pitch, and cadence of voice
  11. Conditions related to loss of or underdeveloped limbs
  12. Conditions that affect ability to consume food (diet, appetite, masticating)
  13. Conditions that affect body temperatures
  14. Conditions that affect physical sensitivity or preference to being touched
  15. Conditions that affect seated posture and the ability to reach or view the table
  16. Conditions that affect the heart
  17. Conditions that can cause alarm and potential disruption of the game (Vomiting, Seizures, Loss of Consciousness)
  18. Conditions that can limit, delay, or terminate attendance
  19. Conditions that cause abnormalities with skin (rashes, sores, bumps, swelling, bruising, discoloration)
  20. Conditions that cause bleeding
  21. Conditions that cause breathing irregularities
  22. Conditions that cause delayed communication of words, speed stuttering, pauses, repetition
  23. Conditions that cause digestion or esophageal problems (nausea, cramping, heartburn)
  24. Conditions that cause dizziness
  25. Conditions that cause fatigue or drowsiness
  26. Conditions that cause high energy or jumpiness
  27. Conditions that cause long term paralysis
  28. Conditions that cause loss of control or use of limbs of body parts
  29. Conditions that cause mild to severe allergic reactions
  30. Conditions that cause pain
  31. Conditions that cause seizures or short-term paralysis
  32. Conditions that cause seizures or short term paralysis
  33. Conditions that cause sensitivity to light or other atmospheric conditions
  34. Conditions that cause the use of incorrect terms or phrases
  35. Conditions that impact Mobility to and from the table
  36. Conditions that impact appearance that may create alarm or concern from other players
  37. Conditions that impact incontinence or soiling
  38. Conditions that impact manipulation with one’s hands (detailed motor control).
  39. Conditions that impact specific spoken sounds
  40. Conditions that impact the ability to remain seated at the table
  41. Conditions that involve motor control deficits in communication
  42. Conditions that make speech unintelligible
  43. Conditions that may cause mild to moderate aversion from fellow players (flatulence, burping, body odor, etc)
  44. Conditions that may require players to leave the table repeatedly or randomly. Sometimes with little to no notice.
  45. Conditions the cause jerking or spasming movement of limbs
  46. Difficulty initiating or continuing a conversation or dialogue
  47. Emotional Accommodations
  48. Gaming Resources
  49. Main Page
  50. Physical Accommodations

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