Conditions the cause jerking or spasming movement of limbs

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Jerking, spasming, and other forms of involuntary movement may create a difficult scenario for children attempting to manipulate components in a map setting or on a dice board.

If this is a concern for the child try to alleviate these concerns by following recommendations under the sections for Conditions that impact manipulation with one’s hands or an increased focus on the use of Theater of the Mind. However additional methods for accommodating these situations could include lettering and numbering spaces on a map (for instance A-Z above, with numbers down the side) and keeping track of existing placement per turn. This alleviates concern from the player with regard to having to reposition pieces that may get knocked over or swept out of place.

Most importantly, communication is critical with other players, to encourage patience as turns may take additional time. Provide extended time for all player movements to not single out the particular player.