Conditions that make speech unintelligible

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While articulating speech may be difficult, there is potentially a mechanical issue creating the difficulty in communication that is easily understood by other players or the GM. Speech that is unintelligible to the group should not however be dismissed, rejected, or avoided, but supported through game play. Where it is preferred by the player, focus on written communication or the use of tangible objects that denote desired actions. Moving a piece, or selecting a Power Card, can explain much. Learning cues that are associated with desired effects is an important process in communicating when nonverbal discourse becomes necessary. This is a system that is a matter of time and effort on both parties, as well as the players caregiver or assistive coach.

Often times, individuals may have assistive technology, that you must familiarize yourself with. Some even allow a modicum of preprogrammed responses that you might be able to assist with in entry. At other times, a repetition of a vocalization can be used to designate a desired action, even when that vocalization does not conform to preset terminology. Recording or recalling these vocalizations can assist in repetitious actions such as making an attack, or moving toward or away from an enemy.