Conditions that cause loss of control or use of limbs of body parts

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Players that experience temporary or permanent loss of control or numbness in limbs is likely to have pre-existing conditions that require the use of assistive technology. In situations where assistive technology does not aide in creating this access, focus more heavily on theater of the mind (using descriptions and verbal cues to establish settings rather than tangibles and maps).

If these conditions are likely to develop during game play, communicate with the caregiver during pre-session meetings to discuss the appropriate responses, up to and including contacting emergency services.

Jerking, spasming, numbness and other forms of control issues may create a difficult scenario for children attempting to manipulate components in a map setting or on a dice board. Build more theater of the mental aspects into the game, replacing the requirement for manipulation, with story elements and descriptions of setting and engagements.

Provide space and environment that allows for increased mobility as needs may require physical access to a gaming environment.

Build additional time into gameplay on the players' end, reducing the focus on interactive manipulation and more on communication and roleplay.