Conditions that cause long term paralysis

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Long term paralysis may impact a specific or several body parts that hinder various capacities for extended indefinite periods of time. Depending on the level of paralysis or the area affected, it may be advisable to utilize more theater of the mind in your play style. Theater of the mind means that you focus less on movement of object movement, and maps, and focus heavier on descriptions of the environment, gameplay, and interactions with other sentient creatures. This allows players to engage regardless of physical limitations that might prevent ease of movement.

If it’s desired by the player or the setting to create manipulatives, then there are again several options available. At the most simplistic level, and if it is desired, pieces can be moved for the player at their request. Separate from that assistive technologies can help in expressing or communicating desired actions including assistive technology and applications. These applications and hardware will typically be provided or familiar with the child, but initial communication with counselors or parents could potentially allow utilization of such tools to communicate desires within the game.

For conditions where paralysis, impact mobility to and from the table, please refer to Conditions that impact Mobility to and from the table