Conditions that affect the heart

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Be aware of the specifics of the heart condition through pre-session discussion with the caregiver, particularly with regard to implications it may present in your gaming environment. Tabletop RPGs are often low energy activities that don’t require a lot of strenuous activity, but determine what actions or activities should be avoided, and if there are META (real life) implications or activities that impact gameplay, minimize or modify any that require substantial activity.

Medications are typically taken at home, but often with heart conditions, specific schedules may need to be adhered to. If medication is required that occurs during gameplay set an internal notification or timer and potentially build engagements that work around temporary interruptions in game play to allow children a break and/or take medication. If you are required to administer the medication (again, not often the case for non-counselor situations) ensure that you are reading directions EACH time before providing the medication and give yourself time to administer them properly.

Children with heart conditions may also experience long-term absence with potentially leaving the game. Develope Roleplay story elements that can explain the absence of the player for a time, and pre-plan so that the dynamic of a group does not suffer from a players inability to attend.