Conditions that affect body temperatures

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An ideal environment is one that is climate controlled. A climate controlled gaming space allows for proper control of external temperatures that might impact children that have conditions that cause difficulty in regulating body temperature. However, in the absence of a “perfect” atmospheric conditions, allowances should be made for those children. This can include the use of personal heating and cooling apparatus. Provide a safe source of power if such is required for a device such as a fan or space heater.

Provide the child as much personal space as available, so that they can sit comfortably without the impact of other players body heat. A beverage may also help to either degree (cold or hot) so keeping either on hand would be beneficial if not already provided by the child’s caregiver.

If it is recommended by the caregiver, familiarize yourself with any technology for monitoring temperature, and response according to instruction if that temperature exceeds what is considered normal to no response. You may need to keep access to medication, or contacting emergency services close at hand.