Conditions affecting the speed of speech

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Certain conditions may impact the speed at which a child communicates, varying in range from delayed speech to rapid speech that often blurs words and syllables together. In either situation, it is important to understand the desires of the player and caregiver, with regard to what is expected from the tabletop group. Additionally, other conditions may cause delays in speech, such as stuttering or facial muscle weakness disorders. In any situation, communicate with the player or caregiver to determine goals (if there are any) and best practice responses. These responses may relate to nonverbal communication options, but may also apply to exercises detailed by the caregiver.

It is also imperative that you schedule more time for turns, with the expectation that the process may require more time.

Try to communicate in advance with the other children (and their parents/guardians) at the gaming table. In discussing the needs of children with disabilities, focus on the concept that each child has unique characteristics, and while the disability and symptoms exhibited is one of them, it does not make up the whole of who they are.